‘Contact High’ by Architecture in Helsinki

'Contact High' by Architecture in Helsinki

'Contact High' by Architecture in Helsinki

It’s been a few years since the last Architecture in Helsinki album, and I’m surprisingly excited about their upcoming album Moment Bends. To kick off the new album they’ve released the first single, a song called Contact High which has such a totally weird music video to accompany it. The guy in the video looks really weird to me, like he looks oddly sexual. Eventually he starts getting felt up by phantom limbs, and yeah… it’s weird.

But the song itself is really great, it seems as though AiH have made another really great album. I’ve given it a listen to a couple times through, and though it’s not like Fingers Crossed (my personal favorite album), it’s definitely a fun, new style thatI think people will really enjoy.

It’s also worth mentioning that their new logo is totally hot, anyone know who designed it? Whoever did it should get some kind of design medal.

April 7, 2011