United Nude’s Classic Fold Heels

United Nude Fold Heels

United Nude Fold Heels

United Nude Fold Heels

Typically, when I think of something that involves a “fold,” I always think of the Scottish Fold. But, this past week, while thumbing through the latest issue of New York Magazine, I was reminded of another fold: United Nude’s Fold heels.

I had stumbled upon these shoes years ago and was entranced: elegant and modern, weird and architectural, the United Nude Fold is exactly the futuristic heel that I had envisioned 2K11 to have. The shoes are very versatile and simplistic, designed ingeniously: the shoe is composed of “the fluent movement of a single strip,” which “folds around the foot front-to-back-to-front like a scarf.” The sophisticated round toe and steep incline of the heel lend themselves to being dressed up and dressed down–but, always will make a statement. Coming in fifteen out of control colors and patterns, the heels can be matched with a short skit or cropped pants or a slim boot cut trousers for your day at the office, night on the town, or opening at an art gallery.

Coming in a Hi and Mid sized heels, the shoe would definitely be in my closet if I wore heels. And, since the men’s version look like awkward European athletic shoes (a la, Pumas on crack), I think I will hold my breath until I have a brief stint in drag to wrap them around my feet.


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