Emotional Geographies: Chelsee Ivan

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Geography appears to be a silence preoccupation in the work of Canadian photographer Chelsee Ivan. Although she does not focus on landscapes in a conventional fashion, place and location are more than backdrops to her series of portraits. Rather, the environment extends the mood encapsulated in each image and emotionally frames her subjects, who are often pictured alone. The psychological tone that is derived from her photographs gestures towards a sense of isolation and loneliness that is compounded by the scale of space – whether it is the narrow hallways of interiors or the expanse of nature. Tinged with melancholy, but beautiful in their composition and imagining, Ivan’s photographs reveal a sophisticated understanding of the manner in which space shapes subjectivity.

You can view more of Ivan’s work on her blog, flickr and a photo correspondence blog that she keeps with Matthew Tammaro, entitled 1 over x.


April 6, 2011