Glacier Cave Photos by Eric Guth

Inside Glacier Caves with Eric Guth

Inside Glacier Caves with Eric Guth

Inside Glacier Caves with Eric Guth

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When I first saw the images of photographer/adventurer Eric Guth I was in complete awe. Seeing extraordinary images of our planet is becoming more frequent thanks to shows like Planet Earth but these images of glacier caves are absolutely stunning. The guy now pretty much goes around the world hiking through the craziest of terrains, looking for the perfect places to photograph:

“Having spent years photographing glaciers from every possible vantage point (on top of, around, and in), I have learned that while the process of glacial formation is the same worldwide, every glacier is different,” he says. “Entering a glacier in Switzerland can reveal formations, temperatures and colors completely different than ones in Patagonia for example. For that matter, the ice conditions can change from cave to cave even on the same glacier.”

These caves look like something out of a video game or micro-photos of ice, they just don’t look real. I’m personally thankful for people like Eric who are crazy enough to trek out into the middle of nowhere and capture such beautiful images. Lots more to see on his website as well.

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April 5, 2011