The Fox Is Black Turns 4 Today

The Fox Is Black Is 4

It’s crazy to think about, but roughly 4 years ago I started this here little website.

I was just a 24 year old kid who a year earlier had moved to Los Angeles to try and be some kind of designer or something. But what I had a real passion for was to share stuff I liked. Over 4 years you learn a lot of things. Running a website is a full-time job, so when you already have a regular full-time job it can be difficult. There are posts to write, emails to respond to, blogs and magazines to browse, people to connect with, events to go to, places to travel. These aren’t complaintes, these are merely the things that the job entails. And I love it.

The best thing that’s happened in the last year was the addition of writers. First there was Alex and Danica, and now I have Philip helping out with music and occasional other things as well as my partner-in-crime Kyle. I know you all like the way I write and the things I feature, but it’s so great to see that you’ve trusted my judgement and learned to enjoy their individual taste as well.

In honor of the sites 4th birthday I’ll be doing a crazy project/contest starting on Monday which only requires a camera, maybe a printer and a whole lot of ingenuity. It’s a whole lot more open-ended and should let anyone anywhere participate and win a ton of awesome stuff. Thanks for coming along for this crazy ride, I appreciate everyone’s support. Here’s to another 40 years.


April 1, 2011