Mystical Madness: Irana Douer

Irana DouerIrana Douer

There is something of the occult to the work of Buenos Aires-based artist Irana Douer. The haughty and seemingly shady female characters that fill her artworks are reminiscent of Pagan goddesses and mythological spirits who spend their time whispering incantations and concocting spells. However, beyond this very base interpretation of her work is a more serious artistic trajectory. In an interview with Evolve Happy, Douer discusses her process as shifting interior life onto canvas: “I like to think of my images as taking my internal world to the outside. I like using all kinds of symbols and images to represent things that I feel or think. I guess all of my work talk about what’s going on in my mind and my life.”

In this sense, her work externalises complex emotional states, internal tensions and extreme pathos. Collectively, it is a primal, honest and – above all – beautiful exploration of feminine experience.

Douer is also the editor of online art magazine Ruby, which is updated monthly and features the work of young and upcoming artists. You can also find more of her work via her blog, flickr and purchase select pieces through her etsy store.


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