Diane Von Furstenberg and Chuck Close: A Meeting of The Minds

Diane Von Furstenberg and Chuck Close
Diane Von Furstenberg and Chuck Close

Recently, Harper’s Bazaar caught up with Diane von Furstenberg and Chuck Close while the artist was taking photos of her for the Pace Gallery’s Diane von Furstenberg: Journey of a Dress. Von Furstenberg and Close were supposed to meet ages ago, but due to a skiing accident, von Furstenberg was badly injured. Her nose and cheeks blue and swollen, the shoot was much delayed until recently. And, while these two minds met, they talked about aging, beauty, and their histories in art.

The article is fascinating, candid, and really a wonderful look into two of the most brilliant artists of our time. The article reminds me of what a personality von Furstenberg is, her joie de vivre overflowing out of every word. This little snippet from her was a personal favorite, when speaking to Close about plastic surgery and its philosophical implications:

To erase is the horrible thing, because if you erase things in your face, you basically erase souvenirs, you basically erase memory, you basically erase pieces of you that made you. And it’s the layers of your life that give you character.

Such true words and quite refreshing from someone in the “Looks Are Paramount” world of fashion. I also feel that that can be applicable to any art form, be it fashion design or photography or painting or writing or graphic design. The article is a wonderful read and one of those rare instances where two modern icons meet up, make art, and chat. It’s like that show Iconoclasts, minus all the cheese.

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April 1, 2011