¡Disco Silencio!

Tonight, Barbara Bestor’s installation ¡Disco Silencio! opens at SCI-Arc with a reception to celebrate this amazing mashup of war ship camouflage and disco. You should go. Personally, I’m a big fan of Bestor: she’s a great designer, wrote an excellent book about Silver Lake called Bohemian Modern, designed the interior of the uber-popular Intelligence Coffee, and the hot pink exterior of her office sometimes spells things in lights. Her installation for the SCI-Arc gallery is a refreshing departure from some of the more precious or insular installations; she’s providing a space for the students to get away from school without leaving it. Politely called a “respite from the institutional production of architecture” the installation is really an insertion of a completely different kind of programming into the school: a Discotheque.

The plywood geometry of the installation is covered with graphic patterns that obscure the physical bounds of the programmatic intervention: a visual trick inspired by war ships. But the surface is also dotted with mirrors since it is, after all, a disco. According to the SCI-Arc website, “the design of the structure is an overscaled, unfolded demi-dodecahedron model that contains a strong graphic interface.” In an email, Barbara was kind enough to send us the lower drawing of that strong graphic interface. The drawing is titled “hamburger” and when asked about the title she responded “Well that is- when it is folded up… The whole deal is sort of building of a model of an unfolded dodecahedron (hamburger box) that is overscaled… And mirrored.”



April 1, 2011