Contemporary sci-fi loves to villainize robots. Whether they be Terminators or The Matrix, humans love to make our silicon and titanium friends into monsters… because it’s fun. This short film written, directed and edited by Ruairi Robinson called Blinky is such an example. The short stars Max Records, who you would know from Where The Wild Things Are, as a young boy in a household with arguing parents. To relieve the tension he asks for a robot for Christmas to be his friend and keep him company. But the boy starts questioning the robot and realizes that the robot’s attention isn’t a suitable replacement for a humans emotions…

… and then shit gets scary.

The video is a bit long winded but it’s absolutely worth your time. Be sure to watch it to the very, very end or you’re going to miss out. It’s a little predictable but really well done.


Bobby Solomon

March 31, 2011 / By