Fabbrica Branding by Concrete

Fabbrica Branding by Concrete

Fabbrica Branding by Concrete

Fabbrica Branding by Concrete

I’m in love with everything about this branding by Canadian firm Concrete for Fabbrica, a new restaurant for celebrity chef and entrepreneur Mark McEwan. The branding was inspired by “the design aesthetic that emerged out of postwar Italy” which is a great starting point. I love the typography of the name, and I’m guessing the triangles the F inspired the triangular pattern you see on the side of the building. And how cute is that tiny triangular sign that sticks out from the side of the building? Such a great detail that gives the facade a great bit of character.

I love how fresh and original this feels, especially for a restaurant. I think more eateries could learn a few things from Concrete’s work.

Found through designworklife


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  1. elmatos March 29, 2011 at 6:43 AM

    Love the work but cannot stand McEwan industrialisation of restaurant-dome ! (in the buinsess sense, not the designing sense) There is nothing rustique, local, flavorful and personnal about his money making machine. That being said, hats off to being a conceptual genius, That is indeed amazing work by architects you just need to cater a bit more to the true Florentins than the Jersay Shores… Sorry Boby, local guy getting into local politics.

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