‘No Lifeguard On Duty’ by J Bennett Fitts

'No Lifeguard On Duty' by J Bennett Fitts

'No Lifeguard On Duty' by J Bennett Fitts

'No Lifeguard On Duty' by J Bennett Fitts

Although born in Kansas City, photographer J. Bennett Fitts now lives and works in LA. The other day I stumbled upon a great series of photos he produced entitled No Lifeguard On Duty. This body of work gives us an insight into some of the motel and public pools of the Los Angeles area, and explores the abandonment and decline of these sites.

Much of J Bennett Fitts’ work fits into a style of photography that really appeals to me. He seems to have an obsession with modern, artificial landscapes and as a photographer he’s taken the responsibility to document these parts of our culture. His series above catalogues these weird structures in their moment of decline; they now exist as purposeless forms carved into our surroundings, and he approaches them with a sense of formalism and a strictness that is clearly influenced by the likes of Bernd and Hilla Becher and Ed Ruscha’s photographic work. You can find more of his work on his website here.


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