Pleix’s “Birds”

Pleix Birds Vitalic

Pleix Birds Vitalic

Pleix Birds Vitalic

I mean, what video did you THINK I would post for dog week 2K11? Of course it’s Pleix‘s modern classic, Birds!

The Parisian video collective’s 2006 classic is one of those inescapable videos for internet users. It has become a hallmark of sorts in the dog video world. It isn’t a “Look At My Cute Dog” video nor is it a “This Dog Is Funny” video nor is it a “Dog Art!” video: it’s a combination of everything, which is why it is so ubiquitous and omnipresent. And, technically, it’s not even about dogs: it’s about dogs acting like birds, only further complexified as the feature Vitalic song is called “Poney Part 1.” You following?

The video is simply dogs shaking off, jumping around, and acting like “birds” in slow motion, played backwards and forwards. Put easily enough: it is my pick for best video ever made. It exists on its own beautiful plain that is both funny, complex, and adorable. You can’t really describe it at all: you have to experience it. I also find that there is not really a use in hyperanalyzing it as well because, basically, it is just a well shot video of dogs in slow motion set to on of the best electro songs of the past ten years.

If you have never seen this video before, your day has been made, your mind has been blown, etc., etc., etc. into infinity.


March 24, 2011