Miniature Objects by The Oak Leaves

the oak leaves 1

the oak leaves 2

When Bobby appointed the brief that we post on something “small” I must admit that I did a mini cheer (please pardon the pun). Call me a stereotypical girl, but I appreciate the art of the miniature. In most circles, small or tiny is shorthand for cute and there are few things cuter than the clay work of Christina who makes delightful ornamental objects for her studio, The Oak Leaves.

Inspired by a love of nature, the tiny landscapes by The Oak Leaves effectively bring nature indoors. However, her objects are so much more and gesture towards craftsmanship and imagination. As Susan Stewart writes in her exploration of small things:

Miniature objects are most often exaggerations of the attention to detail, precision, and balance that is characteristic of artisanal culture – a culture which…is considered to have been lost at the dawn of industrial production. Such objects…are seen as traces of the way of life that once surrounded them

In a design culture that so often privileges bigger as better, these structures draw attention to the beauty of small details and the nostalgia of handcrafted finesse.


March 23, 2011