‘Coffee & TV’ by Blur

Coffee & TV by Blur

Coffee & TV by Blur

Coffee & TV by Blur

To start off our day of little things, I wanted to put up a music video, something peppy and fun to really get things going. I’ve been listening to some Blur lately so I thought this adorable video for Coffee & TV would totally hit the spot. If you’ve never seen this video before, I feel really sad for you, because it’s just about the cutest thing ever.

The video features a tiny milk cartoon looking for a lost boy, who just happens to Graham Coxon, the guitar player and co-vocalist for Blur. So off goes the milk carton looking for Graham, trekking off into the city, encountering all kinds of crazy characters until he eventually… well, watch the video. It’s honestly one of the best music videos from the late 90’s, and Hammer & Tongs did a great job directing it. You might know Hammer & Tongs from the 8 million amazing videos they’ve directed.


Bobby Solomon

March 23, 2011 / By