Nike Basketball’s Paper Battlefield

Paper Battle, Nike Basketball - Hong Kong

Paper Battle, Nike Basketball - Hong Kong

Nike Basketball's Paper Battlefield

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I’m a bit behind on this, about two years or so, but these posters by Nike Basketball in Hong Kong are astounding. The project was called Paper Battlefield and was created by McCann Hong Kong for the Nike Basketball League Competition in Hong Kong. Instead of doing the typical bit of advertising they made silk screens of the top 10 players in the league and allowed the players to create posters of their own. In this way these posters became their battlefields, with the images they printed showing their battles.

I think this is a pretty rad idea, overall. I love that these kids got to take part in the making of these posters and give them a chance to be creative. As some of the kids in the video below say, they’re quite proud of what they’ve created and the feel as if their voice is being heard in this huge competition. The campaign was also successful for McCann Hong Kong as well, they won the Grand Prix for Design at Cannes.

March 22, 2011