The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Kim Høltermand: Day Five

Kim Høltermand

It’s the fifth and final day of Kim Høltermand’s beautiful series of wallpapers, and I couldn’t be happier with the selection he made or the reception you’ve all given him and his work. Showcasing work like Kim’s is why I started this site in the first place and hopefully his work has made as big of an impression on you as it has on me.

Today’s wallpaper, to me, is the serene and calm ending that leads you into the weekend. I’ve been reading some about wabi-sabi, which summed up is the natural beauty of things after they’ve been used for a long period of time. Wikipedia puts it as “beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent and incomplete” which is probably an even better way of putting it. And that’s what his image reminds me of. It’s titled Deserted City but to me it looks like a giant sunken ship that’s been found in the middle of a green field.

A huge thanks to Kim for contributing all of these beautiful images, you’re awesome.


March 18, 2011