The Totally Insane, Candy Coated Paintings of Charlie Immer

Charlie Immer, Lanky Veins

Charlie Immer, Sprinkler, Tearing Up

Charlie Immer, Jelly Face

It’s always a good day when I am blessed to find artwork that is as effed up as I am.

Charlie Immer seems to have channeled that exact sinister–yet fun!–mentality and ran to hell and back with it. Immer is a DC area painter who mashes together childlike imagery, playful monstrous creatures he has envisioned in his head or pulled from pop culture, with what they should be doing: acting like monstrous creatures! His oil paintings depict these happy, colorful creatures disemboweling each other, tearing each other’s rainbow tinted faces off, crying magenta and purple tears, drinking each other’s bright red blood, or even eating their own neon flesh.

His work is absolutely ridiculous and laughable in what they portray: they are just soooooooo ridiculous that you can’t help but chuckle and smile at this truly fucked up imagery. However you feel about the subject of the work, it must be noted how good of a painter he is. He has created his own universe and style, echoing things from sixties and seventies modernist glassware (a la Jonathan Adler‘s inspiration and reference points) to Saturday morning children’s programming (a la The Banana Splits/the work of Sid and Marty Krofft). Immer has thoughtfully crafted these menacing works with an eye for detail and history, something that should not go overlooked in your snickering.

I find his work incredibly fascinating and have him on the top of my “Artists to Watch” list. And, with the work of artists like Mark Ryden, Tim Biskup, and even Yoshimoto Nara, there definitely is a place for Immer’s phantasmagoria in our world. I would kill a starfaced rainbow creature in a heartbeat for one of his pieces. But, as that opportunity is not available, I will simply covet what I have pulled here and after the jump.

Charlie Immer, Bleeding Lean

Charlie Immer, Lemon Killer

Charlie Immer, Face Off

Charlie Immer, Rainbow Drops

Be sure to also check out Immer’s wonderful blog as well!


March 18, 2011