National Tourist Routes in Norway

National Tourist Routes in Norway

National Tourist Routes in Norway

National Tourist Routes in Norway

It’s not too often that you’ll find people writing about roadways on The Fox Is Black yet I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share with you this great initiative that the Norwegian government started working on back in 2005. This ongoing project is called The National Tourist Routes In Norway and its aim is to open up the stunning Norwegian landscape to tourists through a series of architectural viewpoints that enhance their surroundings.

It seems that more often than not rest-spots and viewpoints are functional yet mundane, yet here the government have really made an effort to create something that’s a little more special. To me, these architectural structures are stunning yet restrained. The government have worked with an array of talented architects who seem to respect their surroundings and have a desire to enhance the landscape for those who come to visit it. I’m particularly fond of the Aurland Lookout designed by Saunders & Wilhelmsen Arkitektur which is pictured at the top of this post. This structure lifts the viewer completely off the roadside and up past the trees, thus allowing them to be completely surrounded by the panorama of the fjord at Stegastein. It’s one of those places that you see and instantly want to visit.

Currently the route is comprised of 18 selected stretches from north to south of the county but it’s all part of a 15-year agenda set out by the government so we’ll probably see more amazing structures popping up along the country in the coming years. You can see a selection of the wonderful architecture on the Tourist Routes website or even start planning your trip to Norway.


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  1. RvS March 18, 2011 at 12:22 PM

    Nice to see it on this blog. I visited the first one this summer. Not only the rest stops are beautiful, the whole country is worth visiting.

  2. Brittany H March 20, 2011 at 7:34 PM

    I’ve gotta get myself to Norway. I just keep seeing too many awesome photos.

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