The Man Who Knows Everything by Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin, The Man Who Knew Too Much

Hannah Martin, The Man Who Knew Too Much

Hannah Martin, The Man Who Knew Too Much

I’m a huge fan of SHOWstudio‘s work. They are pretty indefinable functioning as a very high profile art collective, gathering names like Naomi Campbell, Gareth Pugh, and–the truest artist of them all–Lady Gaga. They create some pretty extraordinary things and, regardless of what you think of their collaborators, they are pretty awe striking: they are unrivaled in what they do and shaping the intersect of art, fashion, and technology.

Their most recent endeavor, which–literally–launched minutes ago, is a collaboration with London jeweler, Hannah Martin. Martin has recently released a fantastic line of triangular pieces, ranging from suspended triangle necklaces to bedazzled triangle rings to embellished triangle cufflinks. In order to promote the launch of her pieces, she and SHOWstudio have teamed up to create quite the selling piece: an art installation entitled “The Man Who Knows Everything.”

The installation, along with her recent collection, are inspired by “a fictional 400 year old alchemist” and a Voltaire quote (“The man who knows everything and never dies”). The piece is located in the ground floor of Dover Street Market in London. It is a large, black obelisk with one of the pieces in the center. It is encased in red lasers that, when touched or strung or plucked, emit sound. Altogether with the jewelry, the effect really heightens how prized and valued and precious her work is–not to mention its overwhelming modernity. Ian Rodney Wooldridge has provided a fashion film to display the installation as well as the jewelry.

If you are on the fence about dropping one thousand to eight thousand pounds on a piece, do not fret: Martin and SHOWstudio have created an interactive element of the project that allows you to try on the rings via augmented reality. So, if you are like me (broke…not in London…entranced by self-bedazzlement), download this application by Holition, and fancy yourself the man who knows everything!


March 17, 2011