‘Underwear’ by FM Belfast

Underwear by FM Belfast

Underwear by FM Belfast

Since the tragedy of the Sendai earthquakes 3 days ago it’s become personally important to me to keep this website filled with positive, uplifting ideas that, well, make you smile. Not that we should forget the sad realities of what’s going on around the world, but sometimes it’s nice to have a break from all the craziness, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

So somehow I re-found this old FM Belfast video for their song Underwear, which came off of their album How To Make Friends. Older TFIB fans may remember these guys from Mixcast No.030, where they made a little appearance with their song Par Avion. This song is similar because of how much fun it is and the video is a delight to watch. It shines a light on that feeling you get when you’re dancing alone in your bedroom, not giving a shit what you’re doing and just going for it. There’s a bit of a melancholy edge to the video as well, but sometimes the best times to dance are when you’re feeling the worst, am I right?


March 14, 2011