‘Cinnte’ by Nouveaunoise


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I don’t understand how music works – it’s what I like about it. I have no idea about the mechanics of it and what it’s made up of; to me that’s kind of the magic of it. Take the Dublin based duo Nouveaunoise for example; their music seems to be a jumble of sounds. Listen to any of their tracks and you’ll hear a combination of wonderful things all thrown into the mix. They use sampled percussion, complex electronic beats, real instruments and synthesizers all at once. They hurl it all together with a combination of push button samplers, real-time effects and general laptop wizardry. Common sense and old English proverbs about ‘too many cooks’ would tell you that this shouldn’t work and yet magically they seem to pull it off. Not only that, but they do so with panache, combining all these crazy elements with a skilled intricacy that creates something that sounds warm and organic. It’s a sound that’s difficult to achieve with electronic music, and yet they make it work.

Fans of Four Tet are bound to like their sound, and it’s apparent that other musicians like Caribou and Boards of Canada are also big influences for the guys. Last year they released their debut album, the terrific Paraphrase Accolade. You can download a copy of it on bandcamp, or pay a little extra and get a beautiful hardcopy for €8 (about $11). You should, because band member Conor Gaffney did a wonderful job on the CDs artwork (left), taking a cue from the old Blue Note records of the late fifties and early sixties. To me, those old record covers are the epitome of cool, so it makes perfect sense that a Nouveaunoise record should look the same way.

March 14, 2011