In the Woods with Ramón Ayala and Bedroom

bedroom 1

bedroom 2

bedroom 3

As much as I am a fan of music videos, I am also quite fickle. They need to instantly grab my attention, entice me to want to see more. They can’t just rely on a nice tune or a pretty singer or some special effects – I want the whole package. So when I received an email from Ramón Ayala with a link to his most recent music video, I was intrigued. Would it reach my high expectations? Why, yes!

Ayala’s direction for “Cançó de l’alba” by Spanish indie folk group Bedroom is a surreal journey into the woods featuring all manner of strange, and slightly erotic, occurrences. If Salvador Dali had possessed a more romantic sensibility I imagine his work would have looked a little bit like this. The music is beautiful and the abstract narrative unfolds like a wonderfully bizarre dream.

Now, if only I could speak Spanish so that I could understand the conversation between the man and the two cool kids at the beginning.


March 11, 2011