An Electronic Piggy Bank

Piggy banks have never really gone out of vogue–at least in the decorative sense. Everyone from Jonathan Adler to Harry Allen have reinvented the bank, but never in a sense that makes you actually want to use it. Instead, you just want to stare at it and would never even imagine putting coins in them. How common.

Now, a new piggy bank enters into the picture that looks nothing like a pig, is all bank, and needs to be fed by credit card in order to survive. UmeĆ„ Institute of Design’s Wang Chao, Maggie Kuo, and Jodi Parra have designed an ingenious anthropomorphized bank that craves your debits, storing them away in order to pacify him. As everyone has been saying, this creation is the adult’s answer to the Tamagatchi: cute, annoying, and dependent on you to pay–err–feed it.

Based on an assignment “to use the iPhone as a prototyping platform for concepts that aren’t necessarily iPhone apps,” the trio created this one-of-a-kind bank. Now, I’m not sure if they have plans on actually trying to sell this product at some point soon. However, I would venture to say that they must have gotten a big A+ on the assignment. A cute, modern piggy bank that takes plastic? Don’t get any better than that, folks.

Found through Fast Co. Design.


March 11, 2011