The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Charlie Sheen

Richard Perez, Dan Cassaro, Erik Marinovich

A little under a week ago I had a random idea, which I wrote to three of my buddies on Twitter – Richard Perez (aka Skinny Ships), Dan Cassaro (aka Young Jerks) and Erik Marinovich (aka The Big Animals). I asked them, “Can someone please get us some #tigerblood typography already? It’s already overdue.” Later that night, completely randomly and out of nowhere, I get an email from Richard that says, “Thanks to your call to arms on twitter Dan Cassaro, Erik from friends of type and I are collaborating on a special Sheen inspired desktop wallpaper for ya.”

So we’ve totally bought into the Charlie Sheen hype and these guys have made the very best Charlie Sheen wallpaper you’re ever going to see. Honestly this wallpaper could have been a horrible mess of who knows what, but these guys are professionals and are all #winning. I love that they decided to bottle up everything crazy and wonderful about Charlie Sheen. If we could honestly sell these bottles I think we’d be millionaires. You absolutely have to see the extra large sizes of these, plus there’s an iPad and inidividual iPhone wallpapers for each. A huge thanks to Richard, Dan and Erik!


March 9, 2011