IKEA’s ‘The Art of Cooking’ Videos by Carl Kleiner

Ikea Art of Cooking

Ikea Art of Cooking

Carl Kleiner’s cookbook Homemade Is Best for IKEA has appeared on our site before and is back yet again…but, this time in video form! The same team behind the book have joined forces to create bitesized cooking videos in a series entitled Art of Cooking. Each video features a quick breeze through culinary techniques and products, from prepping egg yolks to making espresso. Part product commercial, part how-to video, Kleiner and team have created nine unique videos to get you excited about cooking, eating, and going to IKEA.

Above you will find my two favorites: “Make Sushi!” and “The Drummer.” The sushi video makes it remarkably easy looking to prep and make sushi, a meal I can’t even imagine my clumsy hands could ever create. “The Drummer” is the funnest video, featuring a infant drummer playing around with the latest company pots and pans, all to an electronic tune. They both are an absolute hoot.

Below, you will find the rest of the videos. Prepare to learn how to chop, flip, sculpt, and even pick the appropriate cheese tool!

3 Comments IKEA’s ‘The Art of Cooking’ Videos by Carl Kleiner

  1. Sara March 9, 2011 at 5:53 PM

    I love this! It reminds me a lot of a TV-show I used to watch as a kid. The one thing you could see were hands making stuff out of paper, shot from the same camera angle as this.

  2. Lily March 13, 2011 at 4:17 AM

    These are so fun!! They remind me of cooking video games like Cooking Mama!

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