Cloudbusting with Matsuri Yamana

cloud 1

cloud 2

While undertaking some background reading on neon installation artist Kristin McIver for a post last week, I discovered the work of Matsuri Yamana, who is also exhibiting as part of the upcoming Penthouse Mouse project. It the above installation, aptly titled The Cloud, that took my fancy in particular. I mean, who hasn’t, at one stage or another, wanted to know what a cloud feels like? Beyond this rather basic and tactile appreciation of Yamana’s installation is a nicely conceived idea to explore the “spatial notion of the boundaries between public and private spaces as well as metaphors for the organic and spiritual domains of life. The work arouses viewers’ curiosity and allows physical experiences through touching and playing.”

I am always thrilled to see work of this vein in art spaces that consciously break the rules of touching, thereby transforming the gallery space into an interactive arena that embraces play and participation. Indeed, Yamana advocates allowing viewers to “slip into their private imaginations or own memories through the physical immersion of my work.” Now, that is an artist’s statement that I can definitely get behind.


March 9, 2011