Gelchop & Peloqoon

Gelchop Fancy Garden

Gelchop Taxidermy

Gelchop at TortoiseGelchop is a Japanese artistic collective that have done everything from rethinking the wheelbarrow to making small woodland creatures to crafting speakers out of antlers. You are probably not initially familiar with them, but some of their shop items and logo should ring a few bells as they’ve been popping up around the internet for a few years now.

Recently I came across some Gelchop items at Tortoise that weren’t exactly what I was used to…but I loved them. They are funny takes on hunting and forest culture, which does not seem that far out from Gelchop’s canon. But, all of them were plush and childlike, reeking of pure fun and are part of a collaboration with fellow Japanese artist, Peloqoon. Peloqoon is known for his plush works and anthropomorphizing tiny, Tribble-like creatures. With Gelchop, they collaborated on a few items, culminating in 2009’s “Fancy Garden” exhibition. From there, they created tiny trees with faces, mouths, and eyes as well as crazy taxidermied animals.

A few of my favorites were the very Peloqoon trees, featuring tiny little furballs with eyes, arms, and legs. They are completely adorable art that I would pay $650 to cuddle up with at night. But, since I do not have $650 to spend so frivolously, I just took the above photo to pet by my bedside. Additionally, their work “Rabbit” was on display at the store, which made me freak out with joy: it’s simultaneously hilarious, playful, and frightening–it instantly reminded me of Takeshi Murata’s “Monster Movie,” a piece of art I have worshipped for years. Their other taxidermied work include the head of a dog (shown above) as well as the the rear of one. Simply put: I want them all.

The collaboration of Gelchop and Peloqoon is one of those rare artistic moments where you just want to laugh and clap, in awe and fright of what they have created together. I’m anxious to see what other items I can dig up by them: I can only hope there is a taxidermied rear of a rabbit somewhere…


March 8, 2011