Film Chromatics: Moviebarcode

moviebarcode 1

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I have always had a fascination with how colour works in film: how it effects the viewer’s emotional reactions, the symbolic meaning behind the use of certain coloured filters and the overall visual impact. It’s not something that receives a lot of critical attention; however, it has become the unconscious focus of Moviebarcode. Condensing the action of entire films into an abstract bar code, the images on Moviebarcode cleverly reveal the chromatic design of diverse cinematic gems. From the dark woodsy tones of The Social Network (2010) to the synthetic greens of The Matrix (1999), the site showcases each film’s unique palette.

Perfect for film students or those interested in chromatic design, it is amazing how addictive going through the archives of Moviebarcode can be. And, if you’re a bit of a nerd like me, you can try and guess from which film each bar code comes. Unfortunately, I don’t think I got one right.

The bar codes featured above are from Jaws (1975), Hero (2002), Requiem for a Dream (2000) and In the Mood for Love (2000).

Thank you to Andrew Lowe for the tip.


March 8, 2011