For the Love of Type

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I am pretty certain that my love affair with all things typographical began with a calligraphy set that I was given when I was around 10 years of age. I recall spending hours trying to perfect the curls at the end of each letter, but to no avail. Although I love beautiful cursive writing, my hands are certainly not made for it. I have no doubt that the lady (somewhat anonymously named Mrs. Eaves) behind For the Love of Type has beautiful handwriting; however, a large focus of her blog is finding interesting typography in the everyday.

Indeed, some of my favourite posts feature “typespotting”, in which photographers capture unusual fonts embedded in neighbourhoods and streetscapes from around the world. The blog also focuses on type-related news and events, cataloging all manner of typographically-inspiring delights. So inspiring that it almost makes me want to unearth my old calligraphy set.


March 7, 2011