FETCH! By O.R.E. Pet

Fetch! by O.R.E. Pet

FETCH! By O.R.E. Pet

Of course, it was only a matter of time before I wrote something related to dogs.

This past weekend, I stumbled upon some really amazing dog toys at The Modern Dog. They are both practical for a dog owner and dog as well as take a funny spin on dog toys. Made by Long Beach’s O.R.E., the Fetch! dog toys feature photorealistic images of objects typically associated with dogs and chewing. Pretty genius, right? Once I saw them, it was love at first sight and I started rummaging through the above bin to find the perfect one for Dottie.

They are made from recycled canvas and are extremely affordable at seven dollars apiece. The toys are durable, easy on the eyes, and do not have any obnoxious squeakers. They’re 100% eco-friendly and 2000% adorable. The Fetch! series of toys features a baseball, stick, dog biscuit/bone, shoe, teddy bear, and many more. I’m really excited to see what other entries make it into this series of toys and am going to try to collect them all. I mean, I’d rather have a cute fake chewed up shoe and cute fake gnawed on teddy bear than one of my shoes or prized teddy bears torn apart. Let humans and dogs rejoice!


March 7, 2011