A Room with a View (and a Toilet)

The worst part about staying in hotels is usually the breakfast. “We have a Continental Breakfast served from 7:00 to 7:15 AM.” Oh really?  On what continent do people prefer to scarf down stale corn flakes and greasy, pre-packaged muffins to jump start their day?

But this is not one of those hotels. Instead, it’s a hotel where you can communicate with a concierge via iPad and, generally, sit around in your room, suite or terrace feeling fancy. The hotel is designed by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, the same designer behind the Mondrian Los Angles. In SoHo, he’s taken inspiration from… oddly enough… an older, French version of Beauty and the Beast; specifically, Jean Coucteau’s La Belle et la Bête. It’s not all singing candlesticks and Angela Lansbury in the 1964version, or in the newly-opened hotel, but there is drama. In the rooms, views of the city replace artwork, and a bold blue is repeated throughout the lobby and guest rooms. I happen to like the clean and nicely-detailed bathrooms. It’s odd… but small, luxurious spaces can be the nicest part of staying in a hotel. In spaces like bathrooms, you have to rely on good design since there’s a lot packed into a small and inflexible footprint. 

It doesn’t hurt that the showers have a great view. Looking out from your shower, you can see the city and start to plan your day. Maybe it will start by finding a place to grab breakfast.


March 7, 2011