Where Does Your Inspiration Come From? – RRR Zine Winners

RRR Zine Winners

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about RRR, a zine filled with an immense amount of inspiring images which featured the work of tons of great artists. It was so great I asked editor Scott Massey if we could have a little giveaway, so I asked where you found inspiration from, a simple question which I knew would get a multitude of answers. From the 81 comments, I chose my five favorites who will be receiving a copy of the zine.

I find inspiration in being in love. Whatever the object of my being in love is. Whether it is my house, or my dog, or a man, or an idea, or my dinner, my breakfast, my night, my work, a song, a picture, a country…anything that makes me feel love. When I am in love, everything around is beautiful. I see good all around, even if it is something tough, I might learn something. There is some good in evil, and when I am in love I can see that. When you are in love, there are no evil thoughts or feelings. Everything is beautiful, even your 7eleven coffee. When I feel in love, I want to be a better person, and thinking about that, my whole surroundings become a source of inspiration.

By missmota

I’m always inspired by the talent around me. Whether at the studio, or friends’ projects, seeing what they’re doing makes me want to be better and come up with new ideas. Also, cheese.

By Destin

[1] Traveling overseas, my travel journal, and photo album.
[2] But, I can’t always be traveling. I work inside an old train station and just across the tracks is an elementary school. Every time they have recess, I think of Milton Glaser in the film To Inform and Delight discussing the day care or elementary school outside of his office that gives his day a little boost when he hears them having recess at the same time everyday. It helps you remember to play and keep a momentum.
[3] BibliOdyssey. Aside from it being an amazing blog, it’s a nice reminder that people have been doing some form of design for as long as humanly possible.

By Joel

Alcohol and all nighters.

By Xerex

I get my inspiration virtually everywhere, but if I had to pick one I’d go with my music collection. I usually work with my iTunes library playing on random and it’s a constant source of ever changing inspiration. I mean can you even imagine life without music?

By Robert Weiss


March 6, 2011