Neon Poetry from Kristin McIver

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Kristin McIver’s neon text installations are the sort of artworks that make you stop in your tracks. On the surface they are extremely gorgeous, but they also require the viewer to consider the context and meaning of each carefully chosen word. In one work the “good life” is ironically placed behind hanging chains, while another sets the word “ordinary” against the lush backdrop of the woods. These usual juxtapositions work to defamiliarise the meaning of the text and establish new associations.

Indeed, McIver claims that her work is a “study of aspiration, desire and consumerism” and that her installations “invert borrowed phrases from domestic marketing, emblazoning them in neon to seduce the viewer, and then exposing them to the irony and falsity of their message.” I must admit, I find this concept very clever: there are few things more enticing to the rampant consumer then the sexiness of neon.

McIver’s work is currently on display at Montalto Vineyard and Olive Grove (Victoria, Australia) until 1 May 2011. She is involved in the upcoming Obus Wall Project in Melbourne and Penthouse Mouse, a temporary fashion and art space in association with L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week.



March 4, 2011