The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Corey Thompson

Corey Thompson

It’s alway fun getting new desktop wallpapers in my inbox. I’m never really sure what to expect, I only have a sense of what an artists work looks like and some vague ideas of a direction they may go in. So when I opened Corey Thompson’s wallpaper I immediately burst into laughter at the ridiculousness he sent me. Corey is a designer and illustrator from Portland, Oregon who’s got one of those do it all styles, he can doodle the day away or design high end posters. His versatility really shines through when you’re looking through his portfolio.

I’m not really sure what to say about this wallpaper other than “AWESOME.” I mean, it’s a T-Rex slam dunking in some Jordan’s. I feel like people are going to either love or hate this one, but I for one am a lover. You know people are going to laugh if they see this on your screen, wherever the hell you may be. Thanks Corey!


March 2, 2011