I Wish This Was…

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Some of my favourite places to discover when ambling through the city where I currently live are the interstitial and rustic spaces that appear to have been forgotten with time. The exterior paintwork may be chipped and peeling off, the signage may be cracked and hanging by a loose thread and all manner of urban vermin may have taken up residence, but – in my eyes – these are spaces of potential. I imagine a combined shop and café with light pine woodwork and art on the walls…and then I blink and come to my senses.

Clearly I am not the only person with a rose-tinted view of abandoned and derelict sites. Candy Chang of Civic Center is the force behind I Wish This Was: a simply conceived and well-executed project that consists of a sticker that allows people to voice what they envisage for neglected spaces. To quote the website: “It’s a fun, low-barrier tool to provide civic input on-site, and the responses reflect the hopes, dreams, and colorful imaginations of different neighborhoods.”

The vinyl stickers are available to purchase online so that you can start having a say in the development of your local area.


March 2, 2011