Debbie Carlos’ Delicate Photographic World

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There are a number of photographers who possess the uncanny knack of making the viewer desire to live within the world they create on film. Debbie Carlos is one such photographer. Her images are delicate and intimate – whether she is capturing the hauntingly still vistas of Chicago’s Field Museum or the simple majesty of a soft-serve ice cream.

Everyday life is a recurring theme in Carlos’ work in which she magnifies the beauty of unassuming objects and natural scenery. She also reveals a considered focus on hands as a motif; hands that reach into tiny clouds, that gracefully hold green spouts and that are imbued with a great weight of significance. The hands are, of course, essential to the photographers’ craft.

If you’re equally enamoured of Carlos’ work, she has a very tempting selection of posters available in her online shop. I’ve probably spent close to an hour looking at them and have yet to narrow my choice down to just one poster.


March 2, 2011