Thibaud Herem

I generally don’t expect to find elevations penned in the Beaux-Arts style refreshing, but there is something about these illustrations from London-based Thibaud Herem, that is exactly that. Maybe it’s because computer-generated imagery has totally saturated contemporary architectural representation; maybe it’s because these straightforward illustrations use traditional notions of composition and respresentation without trying to look antique, or maybe it’s just nice to see traces of someone’s hand. Either way, the skill involved is evident and impressive.

While the illustrations alone are exciting, but I was thrilled when I found Harem’s website packed with illustration and graphic work that is largely more contemporary. I asked him how he got interested in architecture and, specifically, how he got interested in representing it this way. His response: “I always have had a general interest in architecture ,which became a real
practice one year ago; this traditionnal style just came naturally.” Below, I’ve included a few of my favorite examples from his large body of work.


March 1, 2011