JAMBOX Wireless Speaker by Jawbone

JAMBOX Wireless Speaker by Jawbone

JAMBOX Wireless Speaker by Jawbone

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Many years ago, in a far away land called college, I was a rower. Every weekend, I had regattas and races all over the East coast, varying from one day to a week in length. All allowed for a lot of down time to sit around and do nothing, as crews raced by on the water.

I remembered one race distinctly, where a friend and I – bored to tears, baking in the sun, and broke – wanted to get snow cones to treat ourselves after a race. We had no idea how to get money or who could loan us money, so we decided to tape an iPod/FM transmitter to a heavy boombox, walk around the race blasting Phil Collins, dancing for money. Twenty minutes (and sore shoulders) later, we made many friends and $15 for snow cones. The reward was definitely worth the effort but, damn, was that boombox annoying to lug around–especially if you are dancing.

That exposition aside, the boombox is a cumbersome product: large, bulky, ugly, and dated. It isn’t as fun as it could be. I would even go to say that it is currently extinct. There is no need to be able to blast your music with you, to more than five people around you, unless you are a pre-school teacher or some over enthusiastic singing emcee at a Vacation Bible School. Even if you do need to, you don’t want to have to tote around a ten pound box.

In the iPhone age, I have no reason to ever use a boombox, since the iPhone has it has its own built in speakers. Unless I am at my computer or have headphones, I have no use for plugging in an external speaker. If I am making dinner, taking a shower, throwing a picnic in the park, having an impromptu dance party: my iPhone speakers are perfectly sufficient for me…or are they?

The JAMBOX by Jawbone makes a very strong case that you and I do in fact need a boombox in 2010. For music? Not necessarily. For life? Yes. I have had the Jambox for almost two weeks now and–damn–my life done changed. When I am making dinner, taking a shower, throwing a picnic in the park, having impromptu dance parties, I have this Bluetooth powered, portable, forearm sized, “Damn, you can get loud!” boombox to blast anything I want. You wouldn’t think that this is valuable but, believe me, it sure as hell is.

If the product was just a sound amplifier, then it would be pretty silly and–duh–you could get that anywhere, from anyone. What makes the JAMBOX so special is that it also works as a wireless speaker for your computer or iPad/iPod and can conduct conference calls: it is perfect for anyone on the go, anyone with a transitory office, or any modern person with modern problems (like wanting to listen to NPR when you wake up). You don’t think about how often you are listening until something makes listening better. The Jambox does just that.

One of the most important aspects of the product is its beautiful design and simplistic functionality. As Jawbone describes it, the product is “part technical wonder, part modernist artwork,” a statement that could not be truer. In four different, discreet colors/designs (Black Diamond, Red Dot, Gray Hex, and Blue Wave) and priced a little over two hundred dollars, it would be quite unfortunate for you to not own this product. The JAMBOX is the modern person’s answer to amplification. If you own a laptop, a tablet device, and/or a smartphone, I urge you to think about the advantages of getting one (because there are a lot).

I mean, just think about it: what if you have to dance for money in the near future? I can tell you that if I had a JAMBOX, I sure as hell would have made more than fifteen dollars.


March 1, 2011