Kitsch design fun with the.

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Although it was initially their Anti-Theft Lunch Bags that drew me in, I soon discovered that design duo the. are not merely a one trick pony. Irrespective of whether they are designing speakers, bow ties or lamps, the. follow a design principle that melds functionality and a delightful sense of fun. Joining the talents of Hong Kong-born Sherwood Forlee and Japanese-born Mihoko Ouchi, the innovative products created by the. are released in limited editions and often involve donating proceeds to charity.

Using their admittedly short attention spans, Forlee and Ouchi have created wares the like of which one could only dream. Thankfully, they’ve made them a reality. I am particularly grateful as I need to keep those damn thieves away from my lunch – my sandwiches are delicious!


February 28, 2011