‘Gills’ by Spacemonster

Gills by SpacemonsterI thought a good way to start out Wednesday would be some wonderful music by a guy you’ve probably never heard about, Spacemonster, who might also go by the name Kenny Hamilton. He recently released a new 5 song EP called Gills on Bandcamp and I’ve really been enjoying it lately. It’s a really lo-fi album filled with some slow, kinda’ melancholy songs that remind me of Elliot Smith, Sparklehorse and the vocals of Animal Collective. It’s a really nice mix, actually, which works out well either early in the morning as you’re getting ready or maybe as you’re trying to go to sleep. If you like what you hear please visit Kenny’s Bandcamp and by his album, it’s only $1.

On a side note, I asked Kenny for some facts about himself, so he made me a nice list which I wanted to share:

1. I should be majoring in international studies in by next year but i might have to end up doing a victory lap.
2. really jazzed about my new living space. since moving into my new apt ive gotten rid of my bed and made a nest in the corner with quilts, fart sacks(sleeping bags), head pillows and some bullshit yoga mat thing. it’s something that i recommend for everyone.
3. ive been recording my bedroom since high school but now i’m starting to make an legitamate effort. (ie going into a studio, contacting pressing and distribution companies, etc.)
4. the last thing i recorded can be downloaded for free at http://www.mediafire.com/?gyxjonyjzzt
5. the last thing i recorded was complete fucking nonsense. (i believed i was the reincarnation of jesus christ. lulzzz)
6. Spacemonster comes from an old middle school cover band with two friends (originally “American Spacemonster Gill”) We all forgot about the name and moved to our individual music projects. Recently I started using my contribution to the name, spacemonster.


February 23, 2011