Just Plain Ant

It’s always good to have friends with broad musical tastes. Last year my friend Sean introduced me to Just Plain Ant, a producer and recording artist from Richmond, Virginia. Over the last few years Ant has put together a great collection of albums which I reckon are well worth checking out.

At the age of a mere 23 Ant certainty has an impressive discography, and his tracks reflect an astute ear for mixing genres. Check out any one of his several releases and you’re bound to find yourself bathed in trippy beats, jazzy samples and some straight up hip-hop. Oftentimes, these influences overlap creating nicely textured tracks and some beautifully chilled out sounds. Perhaps best of all, is the fact that a lot of Just Plain Ant’s releases are free to download over on his Bandcamp page. So if you like what you hear make sure to head over there and listen to more. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more from Ant in the future.


February 21, 2011