‘Lotus Flower’ by Radiohead

Lotus Flower by Radiohead

Lotus Flower by Radiohead

Last night I was telling Kyle how exciting it was that Radiohead had a new album coming out on Saturday, that it kinda’ felt like X-Mas was coming early. So imagine my surprise when I woke up and the album was available a day early! And there’s a new music video as well to go along with it? Radiohead, you’re too good to your fans.

I’ve only just started listening to The KIng of LImbs but I’m digging it so far. The video above is for their song Lotus Flower which is a good song with a silly video. Watching Thom dance around for 5 minutes isn’t exactly innovative, kinda feels like an early 90’s throwback, but it’s kinda funny to watch him anyhow.

If you haven’t yet purchased The King of Limbs click here to get it.


February 18, 2011