Deyrolle pour Opening Ceremony

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I can’t say that I have ever found taxidermy terribly fashionable. The process is fascinatingly odd, but the end result is not necessarily something I would want lurking around the empty corners of your home. Trust Opening Ceremony to change my mind; their collaboration with legendary Parisian taxidermy boutique Deyrolle breathes life into the somewhat antiquated craft with their new collection. Bastien Lattanzio’s accompanying short film brilliantly showcases the clothes in the rustic setting of the shop, thereby juxtaposing the natural and botanical prints with the creatures that inspired them.

Featuring foxes, cats and beetles, the designs make up a small menagerie transposed to shirts, skirts and dresses. Now that is the kind of taxidermy I can live with.

Shop the collection here.


February 18, 2011