RAD Furniture

chairs and a coffee table

Ryan Anderson, founder of RAD

Although it might as well be short for radical, RAD is actually short for Ryan Anderson Design. That is he in the lower photo. Anderson grew up on the west coast during the ’80s, so rad was probably floating around in his head between gnarly and stellar. Graduating from Architecture School into an abysmal job market, Ryan founded his furniture design studio with fellow classmates Katherine and Ruben. As you might expect from an architect, the furniture exploits material properties. In the case of the Barbara Stool (that I am entirely enamored with) the sleek and structural steel is balanced by the warm character of wood. Furniture can also can come powder-coated in some pretty righteous colors with your choice of wood and size. The prices may seem steep to others, especially young architecture graduates, but as Ryan explains in this video by the Daily Texan, that this is not disposable furniture. You keep these sturdy furniture pieces long enough to pass down to other people, in a longer furniture cycle than most of us are probably used to. Cowabunga.


February 17, 2011