The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Jared Chapman

Jared Chapman

When I got today’s wallpaper from Jared Chapman it came with this warning, “Before you open the file, make sure you bear proof your place. Seriously. It’s that life like.” Funny enough, there are zero bears in his wallpaper, but perhaps they’re hiding in a tree or behind a totem pole? I’ve followed Jared on Twitter for a while and I can safely say he’s both funny and talented. He’s got such a bright and fun style it makes me wonder why he doesn’t have his cartoon on Cartoon Network or something. I love his wallpaper as well, I mean, who doesn’t love totem poles? I feel like this is a good way to liven up your desktop if wherever your at is a bit gray. A big thanks to Jared for such a rad wallpaper.


February 16, 2011