Pork and Jeans, A Collection of Type Specimens by Brad Simon

Pork and Jeans by Brad Simon

Pork and Jeans by Brad Simon

I got an email from a fella’ named Brad Simon yesterday letting me know about this great little side project he has called Pork and Jeans. During the day Brad is busy “designing ads and drawing weird people” so in his spare time he likes to create funny little type specimens like what you see above. In the first one you’ve got this funky bent neon style type which I thought was totally funny, especially the message he chose to write out. And in the second piece I thought it was great that he has three different cultures represented in one piece. You’ve got “Primo” in a sort of Italian feeling script, “Meat” in a German style black letter and “best taste” in a cheesy, Japanese food style type with a nod to kanji in the T’s. I think Brad needs to start making these into typefaces and selling them, don’t you?


February 16, 2011 / By