Steven Holl: A Few Details

bent handrail detail

lighting aligned with seams in the ceiling

Mostly to follow up on yesterdays post, I thought I’d share some snapshots I’ve taken in buildings designed by Holl. Specifically, I thought I’d share some pics of details that, I think, reveal Holl at a smaller scale. I haven’t visited many Holl buildings; still, at each of the three I have visited, I’ve been surprised by something. The great handrail detail above is from the Cranbrook Science Center, as is the lighting aligned with seams in the ceiling. There are also pictures from the Kiasma Art Museum (not a picture of the bathroom details, sorry) and Hybrid Building in Seaside, Florida (triangular balconies)  Below is a gallery of design details that I’ve liked; if you’ve visited a project by Steven Holl, what was your favorite detail?


February 15, 2011