‘Songs of Love’

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In my life I must have listened to thousands of songs about love. I must have heard literally hundreds upon thousands of tracks about all the emotions and feelings that love can bring. It’s no doubt that based solely on experience, I must be an expert when it comes to songs of love. For today’s post I thought I could draw on this experience and share with you a collection of the greatest love songs ever written. “What would be the perfect track for Valentines Day be?”, I thought as I opened up my iTunes, “…this should be easy.”

Little did I know that when love’s concerned nothing is ever easy, and for the next few hours I spent my time flicking through records and trying to find that perfect sound. Why was it so hard for me to find a song to share with you? What was it about a love song that struck me as such a challenge?

Well, to begin with, it feels like I barely know you. When it comes to romance I’m not sure how I want you to see me. Sharing the perfect love song is a difficult job, it’s like making that first mixtape at the start of a relationship. Do I play it cool and imagine myself as a Marvin Gaye type or perhaps I’m better off seen as a poet, choosing maybe some Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen? Then again, maybe that’s too obvious a choice; deep down everyone must know that I’d like to be more like Jens Lekman or Stuart Murdoch or Stephin Merritt. As Rob in High Fidelity put’s it, when making the perfect mixtape you’re “using someone else’s poetry to express how you feel.” And that’s what music does so well, it can express exactly how you feel.

Today I feel like Neil Hannon in The Divine Comedy track Songs of Love. It tells of a songwriter stuck in his bedroom trying to find the perfect words for a love song while meanwhile in the streets and coffee shops below there are ‘pale, pubescent beasts’ who are out seeking girls and falling in love. How about you? How do you feel today and what is your perfect “Song of Love?”


February 14, 2011