Wieden+Kennedy Valentine Cards

Wieden+Kennedy Valentine Cards
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I spotted this rad poster on Max Erdenberger’s Instagram and fell in love, but I wasn’t sure what it was. So I reached out to him and he filled me in that it was made by Paul Levy, senior designer over at Wieden+Kennedy, to promote some hand-printed Valentine Day’s cards that they’re selling. I love that W+K is doing more hand-crafted stuff like this and these cards are a lot of fun. Plus they’re doing it in between all their other client work, as well.

The cards were made by Christina Piluso, Sam Tudyk, Ken Berg and Paul Levy who did some neat looking stuff with their cards. They’re only $3 each (sorry, the Octopus one is sold out) so it’s a cool way to show the person you love that you care. Check out the cards below.


February 11, 2011