Space Suit of the Week

A Space Suit on fire casually walks across sixth avenue

Many helpful readers e-mailed me suggesting this Space Suit of the Week, so you may have already seen this. It’s an image of an astronaut wearing an Apollo suit casually crossing 6th avenue… on fire. ┬áThe image comes courtesy of photographer Jack Crossing, who posted the photo to his photostream last week. Information about the image is scarce: “This was a concept for a band in the states, they decided not to go with it. Instead My brothers label is going to use it.” I would probably buy any musical recording that had this on the cover. So what is the perfect album name for this image? I’m going to say Apollo 451, but I’d love to hear your idea.


Speaking of suggestions, if you have a suit up your sleeve that deserves to be featured, please e-mail me:

February 11, 2011